I am passionate and expressive artist originally from the Middle East, from Syria. Though I was born and raised about half of my life in the US, I did spend 11 years in Syria starting from a young age. I was raised the rest of my childhood there and those years are unforgettable. When the revolutionary war began in Syria, me and my family were there, but I - unlike the majority of Syrians - was able to travel back to the US to work, study, and live a “normal life”. Living in the US and being surrounded by so many opportunities that millions of people don’t have makes me feel obliged to do something and help make a change. They say that there is so little one person can do to change the world, but I disagree, anyone can make a change if they really wanted to. One powerful tool I have is my art, as it can touch people’s hearts. And I believe that if I can reach a person’s heart, I can capture their attention and reach their minds. I want to reflect political and social matters through my work to grow some awareness and remind people what we all exist in this world for.

I lean towards Realism in my artwork, but also find the joy in abstract and Islamic art. I try to capture what is around me and portray the feelings and meanings that come with it. I paint with almost any medium and occasionally try different techniques and experiment with new mediums and art forms. I am now focusing on working in sculptural and 3-dimensional forms with clay and ceramics.

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