• Rajaa Ayoubi

CRISIS & CONTRADICTION // مُلِمّة الدَّهر و تَنَاقُض البَشَر

The Project’s Goal

I am originally from the Middle East, from a now destructed country called Syria. The country known to many but still unknown to many more. The reason why Syria and many other Middle-Eastern and African countries are unknown to many people is because of the ignorance that happens in the world. Social Media makes it seem like people care very much about the tragedies that are happening, as they - in real life - continue to live their normal lives.

Though I was born and raised half of my life in the US, I did spend 11 years in Syria starting from a young age. I was raised the rest of my childhood there and those years are unforgettable. When the revolutionary war began in Syria, me and my family were there. And though we were lucky to be in a slightly less impacted area than others, we witnessed many vile and heartbreaking things. We went through hard times when we would barely make it through a day. But I, unlike the majority of Syrians, was able to travel to another country to work, study, and live a “normal life”. Living in the US and being surrounded by so many opportunities that millions of people don’t have makes me feel obliged to do something and help make a change. They say that there is so little one person can do to change the world, but I disagree, anyone can make a change if they really wanted to. One powerful tool I have is my art, as it can touch people’s hearts. And I believe that if I can reach a person’s heart, I can capture their attention and reach their minds. I want to reflect this matter through my work to grow some awareness and remind people what we all exist in this world for.

Project Overview

This project will be an exhibition split into five parts:

  • The Awakening of a Revolution

  • Dreams Lost in the Ruble

  • The Massacres

  • Migration

  • Crisis and Contradiction (Finale)

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