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Arabic Calligraphy - Layered Slip Tile

This project was about using the slip layering technique on clay. this method of coloring and layering is different from glazing; it is safe to use on a wet, leather hard, and bone dry pieces, and is much more affordable than using underglaze, as it is simply slip colored with pigment. Slip is clay in a more liquid form and you can add pigments to it to make any color you desire.

I chose to make a calligraphy design with layered slip.

The phrase reads: "بلسان عربي مبين" , which translates to: "In a clear Arabic tongue", referring to the Arabic language and it's potency and power.

The stages of layering the slip:

I first used a small art sponge to dab different colors on the tile to make the background a subtle rainbow gradient. Then placed a lettering stencil I had made on the tile.

I then covered the tile with the lettering on it with a dark grey slip, so that when I lift the lettering off the tile the background colors will be revealed.

After pealing the paper lettering off:

After Firing:

I then put a thin coat of clear glaze on the black area leaving the rainbow calligraphy untouched. Then fired it once more. This gave the piece contrast, where the letters are matte and light, and the black area is shiny and dark.

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